Jeppe Kjaersgaard, South Dakota State University

Photo of Jeppe Kjaersgaard

Jeppe “Yebbe” Kjaersgaard currently serves as the chair of the Drinking Water and Human Health Community of Practice. He is an assistant professor at the South Dakota Water Resources Institute at South Dakota State University. His interests include water protection, water analysis report interpretation, developing new technologies for on-farm water management to sustain profitability while addressing environmental concerns, and monitoring of water quality using remote sensing and ground-based equipment. He serves as a co-coordinator of the annual Big Sioux Water Festival where 1000 fourth grade students are brought to campus to learn about water resources through interactive displays and presentations, and chairs the annual Eastern South Dakota Water Conference.

Contact Information

Agricultural Engineering 223
Box 2120
Brookings, SD 57007
PH (605) 688-5673 FAX (605) 688-6764